Purposeful sustainability and expertise

In a growing global industry, we manage and organize forward-thinking energy solutions

About Our Company

CP Energy LLC was founded in 2018 with a combination of 22 years of
experience that range across marketing, managing, and supplying physical and contractual assets to meet consumer needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of services
that meet sustainable business practices with integrity


Our approach is customer-centered with communities in mind when it comes to affordable energy practices that are delivered safely and effectively.


Our team identifies opportunities that are backed by 22 years of combined experience with connected networking, industry knowledge, and a keen eye for competitive edge.

What defines CP Energy LLC?

CP Energy LLC’s national presence, market dynamic knowledge, and logistics capabilities efficiently equip our team to leverage opportunity and respond to customer needs.


Providing energy logistics, marketing optimization, asset management, and producer services


Transporting product across pipelines in North America


Customer-service oriented with forward-thinking solutions


Leveraging industry experience and knowledge since 2015