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    Wholesale Marketing and Distribution

    We actively engage in wholesale marketing and distribution of gasoline and distillates throughout North America. 


    Our innovative expertise ensures predictable and stable prices for diesel and gasoline for wholesale customers through price management structures. Customers range from Fortune 500 companies to independent gas stations that go alongside our ability to source supply from large and small refiners and trading houses in regions our businesses are located. 


    With a wholesale presence in the Gulf, East, Mid-Continent, and the Rocky Mountain region, we are able to meet customer supply requirements. 


    Flexibility In Day-Deals and Long-Term Contracts

    The development of robust rack-level business practices allow for flexibility in pricing structure and the ability to efficiently execute day-deals or long-term contracts.


    In our commitment to reliable and trustworthy customer service, we are responsive to enquiries and requests with immediate attention and action. 


    To meet customer fueling needs, CP Energy LLC is active in a number of pipeline systems that include, 


    • Colonial Pipeline
    • Plantation Pipeline
    • Laurel Pipeline
    • Buckeye East System
    • Explorer Pipeline
    • Magellan’s South, Central, and Rocky Mountain Systems