About Us

About CP Energy

CP Energy LLC is an independent energy trading and supply company that provides services across the United States and Canada. We have refined our process with a combination of 22 years in experience that range across marketing, managing, and supplying physical assets to meet consumer needs.

Through risk assessment and management across the supply chain, we are leading the industry with purposeful sustainability and expertise in a growing global industry of energy management.


Risk assessment and energy solutions to move energy resources safely and responsibly



Transport energy efficiently across pipeline and transmission systems in North America



Provide energy management and trading services across the United States and Canada



To move natural gas and power for optimal and sustainable energy solutions


Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on risk assessment, identifying opportunities, and managing reliable movement of energy with sustainable practices.

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Our Values


Sustainable business practices are vital in the discovery and efficiency of energy solutions. Our company operates with the environment in mind to lower emissions and increase job provisions that positively influence the industry as a whole.


We are dedicated to the integrity of our processes for customer service and energy management. As a company, we continually seek efficient energy solutions that exceed customer expectations.


We advocate for fairness across employee and customer relations in every aspect of our business. By providing reliable services and compliance with state and provincial regulations, we are able to provide advantageous solutions.


Our practices are rooted in innovative ideas that seek to transform industry practices. With a diverse set of perspectives and backgrounds, we ensure forward-thinking energy solutions across the United States and Canada.


Our company ensures transparency with suppliers and partner relations to elevate trustworthiness. Across risk assessment and energy management, we are committed to providing reliable services in every step of the process.