Enviroment and Sustainability

Environment and sustainability

Committment to the Future

CP Energy LLC is committed to the environment through responsible and sustainable practices that impact a broader approach towards long-term energy solutions. Our approach is customer-centered with communities in mind when it comes to affordable energy practices that are delivered safely and effectively. We embrace changing attitudes and environments that may modify and shape business practices with the future in mind.

Leading with a Vision

We aspire to be North America's leading solution for energy solutions that have sustainable practices with forward-thinking innovation.

Our goals

  • Reduce emissions for the improvement of air quality by supporting economic development that combines natural gas and renewable energy solutions
  • Increase sales through advancement in regional supply chain management
  • Implement and lead high safety standards that provide reliable development and low-cost solutions for oil and gas infrastructure
  • Positively impact communities through the provision of jobs and local partnerships
  • Employee development to enhance perspectives utilized across the industry
  • Be an innovative leading supplier across the United States and Canada